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Wow...that's the only word that accurately describes this photoshoot. I knew that I would have fun, but not THAT much fun! Jen and Janice are truly special, and they made me feel so welcomed. It was an experience that I would repeat over and over again. LOVED IT!

What a wonderful experience. We spent the afternoon with Janice (photographer) and Jen (makeup artist). We had an excellent time. The makeup was beautiful, the sights were creative, and it is an experience that I will always remember. It was truly a special day for my daughter. It is a once in a lifetime experience that should be had by all seniors.
Powel Twins
Dear Mrs. Freeland,
My experience with you was amazing! I was nervous at first but you were so encouraging and gave such good direction. From what I have seen my senior pictures look incredible! You have such a good eye! The only negative was the heat haha but it was worth to get such beautiful pictures. I actually recommended you to one of my friends today hopefully she will give you a call soon. Thank you so much for the amazing experience, I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! - Eleanor Powell(Mom)
My session experience was unbelievable, in fact I still can't believe it. I see these gorgeous pictures and can barely think. Wow! The whole day of my session was quite perfect. I felt like a star, getting my make up professionally done, wearing fun clothes, and having a great time. I guess I thought it would feel more like a job. I've done modeling in the past and while I enjoyed it I still knew that I was working for something. But your session experience sent me flashbacks of my childhood playing dress up with my friends. A fantasy, pure enjoyment. Everything was perfect. It was spontaneous and exciting. One moment in a field, next beside a lamp post, and then in a flowery bush. And then the products speak for themselves! All I can do is rave when people ask me about it! Thank you so much!
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