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Grace L.
Raising daughters 101
Senior Pictures, oh my!

Dear Janice,
On Monday when Anna told me she needed me for a photoshoot, I was expecting just the normal iPhone camera and me posing really quick and leaving. Little did I know that I had a hair and makeup appointment with an amazing artist and a professional photographer all ready to work with me! I remembered seeing your photos of a few girls I know on Facebook and I always admired them! Your photography has a really unique look and stands out from the other photographers or "people that just bought a camera that claim to be photographers" in the area! On top of that, I had so much fun at the shoot! Although it took a little while for my "inner model" to come out, it was still a great experience! I loved every minute and hope to work with you sometime in the future! Thanks!
-Maggie Arfman
My daughter recently had a photo session with Janice Freeland and it was an extraordinary experience. From the very beginning, Hannah was taken in to have her hair and makeup done; it was a relaxing way to start a session . Janice had ensured that my daughter was fully prepared by asking her to select several outfits and reviewing them with her before the session. We went to the shoot site and I could sense that this was goings to be a wonderful spot to good some beautiful shots. Janice was so professional and seemed to bring out the best in my daughter.

Janice knew exactly how she wanted Hannah to be positioned and what shots she needed to get. The session moved along quickly and Janice made my daughter feel like a model, bringing out the best in her. It was a great experience.

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