How to Wear Velvet


So fall’s on the way, and the leaves aren’t the only things that changing, the trends are too. This year, velvet’s coming back, baby! It can be tough picking out your outfits for your senior photos, and adding this in can only make the decisions harder. Thankfully, matching velvet with the rest of your outfit isn’t as hard as it sounds. Here’s some things to get you started!


Converse have been around for a long time. Like, a century long time. Their velvet sneakers haven’t been around as long, but they’re just as timeless. When you’re working with velvet, it’s all about the texture. It’s what makes it look so unique, and it’s what pairs so well with complimentary colors and textures. The look is subtle, but with a bit of foresight can really pop. Check ‘em out here.

Varsity Bomber Jacket

I’m sure you’ve seen bomber jackets around (maybe you’ve worn some!), but you haven’t seen one that looks this good. They’re what makes the chilled fall air so sweet. There’s a good amount of different styles out there, but this one from American Eagle caught my eye real fast. The teal makes it pop out against a autumn backdrop, and it’d be perfect for a fall photo shoot!


As long as the weather stays a bit warmer, velvet dresses are a fantastic way to embrace the sun. Even in the colder months, with some leggings or tights underneath, dresses can help you brave the cold, and look great doing it. I found so many velvet options, I couldn’t choose just one. Forever21 has a wide selection to choose from, and they start out at some awesome prices. Look them up here.


Similar to the dresses, skirts work great in warm weather, and for those courageous ones, can work wonders in the cold too. There’s some beautiful velvet skirts, in a lot of styles, like skater skirts, ruffle-trim, pencil… enough for every day of the week. Charlotte Russe has it all, and you can find them here!

Velvet has been a popular look year-round, and since it’s coming back again this year, you should know how to wear it, and wear it well. Of course, it’s not that complicated! And I hope this list helped you out. This is a look that will really make you pop, and it’s perfect for your senior photos. 2018’s just around the corner, so don’t wait for it to surprise you: book your session now! Contact me HERE

How to Wear Cute Baseball Caps


Cute baseball caps are all the rage right now, and there’s no question why. They look so chic, and they even cover up the days you have to use dry shampoo (shhhhh…we won’t tell!). So how do you wear these perfect accessories?

Our favorite way is with an oversized denim jacket, black yoga leggings or skinny jeans, and birkenstocks. Add a simple white tee underneath for a look that can take you from the mall to brunch while looking super stylish. This look harkens back the the nineties, and is very on-trend.

If you want to dress it up a little, try adding a slipdress in a floral print for a super-nineties vibe. Of course, a moto jacket is never a bad idea, and you can add solid color slides (bonus points if they’re black Adidas ones a’la 1997!). It’s a really edgy, fun look that mixes dressy and casual pieces for a fashion forward outfit.

You also can’t go wrong with the season’s other staple piece; the overall. We love the skinny style overalls, layered with a crop top and with Converse sneakers. These combined with a cool baseball cap will leave you feeling very chic, indeed!

Our last idea is to add a baseball cap to the ever-styling chambray button down and dark jeans for a denim on denim look that’s right off the runway. No matter what you choose, a baseball cap will look fabulous, and will always make you look more polished!

Shop baseball caps at Forever 21 HERE.

Four Creative Things to Do With Your Senior Photos


Alright, so you’ve posed and smiled and had a ton of laughs. Your photographer captured your big day, and now you’ve got your copies of all the photos on your computer. You’ve sent them off to your friends, your mom teared up thinking about how quickly you’ve grown up, and dad’s given his approval… what’s next? You’re heading off to college, or you’re moving out with friends, or you’re sticking around, but jumping into the workforce.. and you want to take your photos with you! Whether you had a rough time in high school, or dearly miss it, there’s glints or streams of brightness coming from the memories you’ve made there. Your senior photos encapsulate those memories, and they look great too because, well, they’re of you! But how do you properly showcase these memories? Well, since you asked, I’ll share with you four of my favorite creative ways of displaying and using your senior photos!

One of the big ones in my book is using twine to make geometric shapes on your wall to hang physical copies of your photos on. Of course, you can fit a whole album of photos on a wall, so you can pepper in your senior photos alongside pictures of your favorite memories, or your friends and family. This is especially nice to look at when you’re off away at college, when you’re missing home. HERE’s a step-by-step instructional blog to get you started.

Then there’s the pendant route. This goes hand in hand with my BFF session, as you’ll get photos of you and your bestie to keep forever. Now, you could both get matching pendants and cut out your photos to fit it. Or, you could DIY your own pendants from jumbo popsicle sticks! I know it may sound weird, but these are some of the cutest necklaces or bracelets I’ve seen, and you can make them yourself for real cheap. Grab your girlfriends and get crafting! HERE’s how you do it.

Would you like to have your senior photos smell nice?

Well, I’ve got you covered. With a bit of work, you can make bean or sachet bags with your picture on them! It’s one of those quirky-but-awesome projects that make you wonder who dreamt it up, but wish it was you. Using transfer paper, fabric, some beans or lavender, and some sewing chops and elbow grease, you can make a lasting memory even more special. Or, you can use it to make your mom and dad or your friends a gift that they can keep around all the time. HERE’s the instructions for how to make them.

So everyone’s got a mason jar or two, right? They’re a favorite for canning and preserving jams, pickles, or you-name-it. But they preserve more than delectables; they can do the same for your photos! This one is perfect for home, or your home away from home at college, as you turn your mason jars into beautiful vases to hold all the flowers your mom sends you – or the ones you send your mom! It makes for a wonderful gift, and the effort you put into it makes it all the more special. HERE’s the details.

Well, there’s four of my favorites. There’s many more ideas out there too, but hopefully those will get you started! If you haven’t gotten to the picture-taking stage yet, contact me HERE! I’d love to take care of that step for you.

Sunday Shoe Swoon: Fun Sneakers


Sunday Shoe Swoon: Fun Sneakers

Vintage sneakers are all the rage these days, and we love them! They are easy to wear with just about everything, and they come in every color combination and fabric imaginable. This means everyone from the haute couture fashionista, to the busy mom or student, can find a sneaker that fits their lifestyle. Here are some of our favorites:

The Adidas Gazelle is a very popular sneaker this season, and it comes in black, mint, pink, peach, and navy. We love the unexpected pop of color that the pink pair brings, and it looks great with all the high waist denim that is available this season. You can find it at many department stores, but we love that Nordstrom offers free shipping.

Nike is another perpetual favorite, and many fashion bloggers love this chic black sneaker. It has a very chunky heel, but looks great with skinny jeans and long cardigan sweaters, which can carry you into the fall seasons. The style we linked is called the Cortez, but we also love the Nike Air Huruache, as well, for the same reasons. They are versatile, under $100, and can be worn with dressy or casual items.

Lastly, the classic Vans have been taken up a notch with unexpected colors, textures, and high platforms. This metallic gold pair would look awesome with a bomber jacket and a vintage 90’s style jean. Remember to stay tuned to our blog for the latest style, fashion, and sales for the stylish senior! We like to stay on top of the trends so that we can give you the senior session you’ve dreamed of!

Top Three Best Deal Sites for Seniors


Top Three Best Deal Sites for Seniors

So, you’ve hired a senior photographer and you’re giddy with excitement. You’re practicing your smile in the mirror, you’re thumbing through magazines trying to find that great hairstyle, and you’re looking through your closet, when you realize.. you need to get a new outfit! Thing is, you have no idea where to start, and your session is coming up fast. I’ve got your back, girl! Here’s three websites that’ll take care of all your outfit needs:
Jane is an online boutique marketplace where you’ll find just about everything you’ll need for your senior session, with a good percentage taken off. With fall quickly approaching, they’ve got plenty of autumn style in stock. Since it’s a bit past spring, their spring apparel is on clearance, and still looks just as good in the summer heat. They have the whole color spectrum to choose from, so you can decide on your session’s palette easily. Their deals don’t last forever though, so pick them up before the leaves start changing.
Hautelook is your one-stop-shop for clothes and accessories. From shoes, to jewelry, to handbags, they have everything a graduating student could ever need to complete their outfit. Say you’ve got it all figured out, except for the shoes. You’ll find a plethora of different styles and brands to sort through, and I guarantee they have your size. And don’t forget the purse! They have tons of designer bags, and most of them for half price. They have new deals happening all the time, so you can save while you spend.
Zulily is one of a kind. They have new sales every single day, so you’ll never be found wanting for a deal! If you want to get a few outfits for your shoot, I’d suggest stopping here first. From casual, to formal, and everything in between, they’ve already marked it down, just for you. They have some amazing offers going on all the time, so you can pick out the best styles to showcase you for your session. Check back every day to find something new!
Hopefully this short list has taken a bit of the pressure off of your shoulders. Senior sessions are supposed to be a nice, comfortable experience, and that’s what I strive for in each of mine. In fact, I guarantee it! Contact me here to book your session today!