Featured Session | Rachel Nix | Class of 2016


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise
of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.
And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”
– Steve Jobs

Watch out, world…your Class of 2016 is looking more and more amazing! Meet Rachel, a stunning senior with a heart of gold. We did her super chic session at a variety of places, including urban and country locations, all highlighting her beautiful features and hair. I love the last shot with the flower in her hair, because it all works together so perfectly.

Did you know that I’ve been in the photography business for fifteen years? I specialize in beautiful seniors like Rachel, but I also do professional headshots, maternity, and fine art sessions as well. I’ve had my work published in places like Seniorologie, Senior Style Guide, Beyond the Wanderlust, Inspire Me Baby, The Twelfth Year, and Pretty Is Everywhere! What does that mean for you? Well, it means you get all that experience and passion in YOUR session with me. I take great care of each and every client, using careful editing, attention to detail, and my love of photography to bring you fresh, modern and creative senior sessions instead of just a run-of-the-mill senior portrait.

To book with me now (and spots go quickly), contact me today!Janice_Freeland_2016_Rachel Nix_083 Janice_Freeland_2016_Rachel Nix_094 Janice_Freeland_2016_Rachel Nix_106BW Janice_Freeland_2016_Rachel Nix_107 Janice_Freeland_2016_Rachel Nix_111

Cierra | Seniors | Class of 2016


I love when a session accurately captures a senior’s personality. Gorgeous senior Cierra is graduating from John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School, and was a ton of fun to be around. She chose polished and fun outfits for her session, too. I especially loved the flattering and sophisticated look of her leather-edged blazer (shop another similar tuxedo inspired one here), and her amazing hair! Every photo emphasized her pretty eyes, and her bright smile. Cierra was a member of my senior model team. I feel so honored to have these incredibly smart, beautiful, and lovely young women representing my photography!

Cierra loved her portraits! As a photographer, that is always my goal; to give my seniors the photos they have dreamed of throughout high school. Here is what another senior had to say about her experience: “My session experience was unbelievable, in fact I still can’t believe it. I see these gorgeous pictures and can barely think. Wow! The whole day of my session was quite perfect. I felt like a star, getting my makeup professionally done, wearing fun clothes, and having a great time. I guess I thought it would feel more like a job. I’ve done modeling in the past and while I enjoyed it, I still knew that I was working for something. But your session experience sent me flashbacks of my childhood playing dress up with my friends. A fantasy and pure enjoyment. Everything was perfect. It was spontaneous and exciting. One moment in a field, next beside a lamp post, and then in a flowery bush. And then the products speak for themselves! All I can do is rave when people ask me about it! Thank you so much!” 

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Hair and makeup: La Dolce Vita Salon + Spa//Bella Faccia Airbrush + Makeup LLC

Janice_Freeland_2016_Ceirra Cooper_002 Janice_Freeland_2016_Ceirra Cooper_017 Janice_Freeland_2016_Ceirra Cooper_028 Janice_Freeland_2016_Ceirra Cooper_044 Janice_Freeland_2016_Ceirra Cooper_060 Janice_Freeland_2016_Ceirra Cooper_060BW

What to Wear Wednesday | Back to School | Nineties Grunge

Guess what? Nineties grunge is back! And just in time for back-to-school, we have you covered in the tips on how to wear this trend. Even if the thought of “grunge” makes you cringe, you can pull off just a touch of the style in a really polished way.
The top left outfit features a non-distressed pair of skinnies paired with a black sleeveless blouse. The only “grunge” aspect is the funky platform boots, but it is subtle and sleek. The outfit on the right can also take you from weekday to week-wow, with it’s polished grid-print top and matching skirt. Adding a casual denim jacket could take you through the halls of school, and swapping the jacket out keeps it dressy enough for dinner out. The top middle outfit is also ideal if you just want a hint of casual; the plain black shift dress could be dressed up or down, and the chambray works layered over the top or wrapped around the waist. If you want to be a bit more casual, we like the bottom row ensembles of shorts and tees, with beanies and sneakers adding the nineties vibe. Remember, with just a few key pieces (light wash denim, sneakers, high waist pants and shorts, and crop tops), you can achieve a nineties look without investing in a full new wardrobe.
Grunge sets // back to school inspiraton by lydiamckx on polyvore.com

Inside the JFP Studio


“Every day is an opportunity to be creative – the canvas is your mind, the brushes and colours are your thoughts and feelings, the panorama is your story, the complete picture is a work of art called, ‘my life’. Be careful what you put on the canvas of your mind today – it matters.” -Unknown

I am so passionate about what I do, and that passion spills over into the space I call my studio as well. Not only do I utilize state of the art photography equipment, I also have crafted a space where I feel inspired, and where I want my clients to feel at home. With eclectic decor combined with everything I need to take and showcase amazing photographs, I hope my clients truly love to come here…I sure do! I also keep portraits everywhere throughout the studio, so that you can see what you’ll be getting; beautiful and classic portraits with a modern touch (won’t your portraits look amazing up there, too?). To see more of my studio portrait styles,  you can click here to view the studio gallery.

There’s plenty of room to spread out in my studio, and plenty of room for your family member too. And of course, I can’t neglect the actual studio portion! When I do indoor portraits, I use my personal studio, where I spend real time and effort meticulously fine-tuning the light and shadows to highlight YOU! No blurry images or dark, fuzzy photos for my clients…just crisp and stylish senior portraits that will look perfect on any wall. Please call me today and make your appointment! Then, step inside my studio, and make yourself at home.

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Raising Daughters 101 | Senior Pictures


The mom and daughter relationship can be a complicated one, but it also can be so beautiful! I love watching the mom/daughter dynamic in all my sessions. Senior photos can be stressful for parents, so hearing that I made it easier is something that makes my job amazing. Today, I wanted to share some of a note written by a sweet mom of one of my seniors, Grace. You’ll get to see her beautiful session at the end of the post, but first, take a few moments and read these words from her mom, Martha:

Raising Daughters 101

Senior Pictures, oh my! There are just certain things you can count on in life, and one of them is ‘senior pictures’!  Who will take them, what will I wear, where will they be taken, and when will they be done!!!! Drama, drama, drama….

After having gone through this with two daughters, daughter number three presented me with ‘I would like to have my pictures made by Janice Freeland.’  Well the experienced mom, me, takes a deep breath and does a little snooping and is surprised to see first-hand, work by Janice Freeland.  Senior pictures of a friend’s daughter popped up!  These photos were tasteful, creative and flawless.  So, being the inquiring mom that I am, I called that senior girl’s mom, and asked ‘would you do this again?’  The response was a resounding ‘yes’, ‘do it’.  So, with not much more to go on, we signed on with Janice.  

The instructions from Janice were simple:

Pick several outfits.  Visit Anna Averett at Vignette’s, she can help you.  Pin your choices and I will help you decide.

I thought: ‘Wow, all I have to do is go shopping.’

Send me ideas of where you would like to be photographed.

I thought: ‘Oh, my…locations!’

Book your session, and set aside a few hours for mother and daughter.

You will meet with Jen Lewis of Pastel Makeup and Hair.  We will finalized your daughter’s outfits and go to the location(s) from there.

Then, I thought, “BLISS!!!”

We pulled clothes from daughter three’s closet, visited Anna Averett at Vignette’s, made our decisions, sent ideas to Janice…and I loaded my car.

The guess-work was gone! Our day rolled around, I had all the clothes in my car.  I met daughter number three at WED on Broad Street.  We were welcomed by Jen Lewis of Pastel Makeup and Hair.  Jen had a calm soothing nature about her.  Daughter number three just sat in her chair and let Jen take charge.  Before you knew it, hair and make up were done, and tastefully done! Next, Jen and Janice narrowed the selection of outfits….and off we went to our location. By ‘we’, I mean Daughter, Jen, our makeup artist, and I went along as well! Two hours later, it was a wrap!

Hundreds of pictures, four outfit changes, make-up freshened, and hair put ‘up’.

Happy mother –daughter time…when will this opportunity strike again?
Lesson learned…Leave it to the pros!

Thank you, Martha, for your kind words and review on my photography! This experience is what I strive for in each and every senior session! I love making this daunting process simple and fun for both parent and child. If you’re ready, contact me today.


Janice_Freeland_GraceLong10_0009 Janice_Freeland_GraceLong10_0046 Janice_Freeland_GraceLong10_0052 Janice_Freeland_GraceLong10_0055 Janice_Freeland_GraceLong10_0060