The Janice Freeland Photography Senior Experience | Class of 2017


What’s the senior experience all about? I’m so, so thrilled to be sharing my new promo video with you today, showing just what’s in store when you book your senior shoot with me. From hair and makeup to the final shot (and beyond), I’m with you every step of the way, making sure you feel comfortable, fabulous, and beautiful! Class of 2017, I cannot wait to meet you and document this amazing time in your lives.

For all the details on three different session experiences, please click here (our Couture option is the most popular, and comes with two whole hours of shoot time!)
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Credits: Models: McConnell Harrison and Ashlyn Shields// Makeup Artist: Meredith Tompkins at Bella Fascia, LLC.//Video: Anne Moshier McCabe at The Reflections Studio

#Beautiful | Janice Freeland Photography Senior Reps | Class of 2017


In today’s day and age, the word ‘beauty’ sure has some various connotations. It’s become synonymous with airbrushed, perfect figures and supermodels walking the runway, but I love showing another side of true beauty with my senior reps! They are sporting shirts that say #beautiful because my senior rep program focuses not just on outer beauty, but also on inner beauty and young women with strong character. We did this fun shoot to showcase their cute shirts, and also to introduce them to my blogosphere! Without further ado, I am so happy to introduce you to my 2017 senior rep team…aren’t they lovely?

My senior reps are such an integral part of my photography, because they are the ones showing off their senior photos! When you’re proud of something, you’re excited to share it, just like a good deal at your favorite store, or your new favorite restaurant. So, I try to give my senior reps a session they feel proud of and confident in, and then they share it with their friends. It’s the perfect way to spread the word, and also for my senior reps to celebrate all their achievements.

Janice_Freeland_2017_Model002 Janice_Freeland_2017_Model003 Janice_Freeland_2017_Model006 Janice_Freeland_2017_Model007 Janice_Freeland_2017_Model008 Janice_Freeland_2017_Model009 Janice_Freeland_2017_Model010 Janice_Freeland_Caroline 2017_016 Janice_Freeland_Madison L_018Janice_Freeland_2017_Model012

WHAT 2 WEAR WEDNESDAYS | Ruffled Dresses

We are loving the ruffles this season, and the ways they are on dresses that range from feminine and girly to structured and modern. Another feature that is appearing in many fall pieces, is a strappy back, or an added piece on the back of a dress to add visual interest. The blue dress on the right (top row) has a gorgeous strappy back, and the middle (top row) yellow dress has an example of an added back strap. What should you pair with a ruffled dress? Think of opposites. If you have a very feminine, tiered dress, try pairing it with a structured, angular ankle boot, or block heel. The block heel has been paired with ruffle dresses for the coming season because of the contrast, especially when they’re suede.
When the weather changes, add a leather moto jacket, or a denim vest for extra warmth. Ruffled dresses also look amazing with duster length cardigans for a softer look, particularly if you wear more neutral colors. There are also lots of ruffle dresses that  have longer sleeves. When choosing a ruffled dress, choose a length that is most flattering for the volume of ruffles; if you have softer ruffles, opt for a shorter length, and with more voluminous hems, try for a longer length so you can still walk and sit down (fingertip length is always a good rule of thumb for dresses with a lot of movement).

Bye, Bye, Summer | Janice Freeland Photography | Augusta Photographer


We are getting ready to say goodbye to the gorgeous summer light, so I wanted to share some lovely images from this season. I have loved getting to meet all these amazing seniors and models, and I couldn’t be more thankful that they’ve helped me become more creative, passionate, and excited with every single shoot. The locations always play into my shoots and my inspiration, and the water played a big role this summer. Whether it’s the beach, a lake, or a river, water locations can really bring a vintage or bohemian feel to life, which makes it one of my favorite aspects.

We always share some of our favorite things on the blog, including Make Me Up Monday (where we share our picks for the best beauty products on the market, and the best tutorials for makeup techniques), and What to Wear Wednesday (where we scope out the latest fashion trends and how to wear them). Stay tuned right here for those posts, as well as exclusive sneak peeks of sessions, and news from my studio.

Hope you’ve had a perfect summer, and can’t wait to share photos as we head into autumn!

Lacey-JaFr-1-high Lacey-JaFr-3-high Marianna-JaFr-2-high Marianna-JaFr-3-high Rosslyn-JaFr-1-high Rosslyn-JaFr-2-high

Make Me Up Monday | Beautiful Bronzers


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 2.00.19 PMBronzer can make such a difference in a finished makeup look. A bronzer can give you a sun-kissed look, even in the winter, and can help you contour your makeup look into perfection. Here are a few of our favorite bronzers!

The Anastasia Contour Kit is one of the best products on the market for contouring and adding bronzer to your look. It features three highlight shades, and three bronzer shades, as well as detailed instructions on how to best use them all. The creamy texture makes it easy to blend, using a brush or beauty blender.

We usually talk about our favorite Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes, but we also love our Urban Decay FLUSHED blush and bronzer combo. It is only $32 and features a highlighter, beautiful rosy pink blush, and a simple, everyday bronze shade. It blends well, and is less creamy than the Anastasia set, but it looks beautiful and is easy to use. Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 2.05.08 PM

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting bronzer is the prettiest on the market, and has been getting quite the buzz from beauty bloggers…for good reason. It’s natural shimmer and blended shades make it appear less harsh on the cheeks, and it looks great on almost every skin tone. Sephora even carries a travel size one for $24, so that you can test it out before you shell out the money for the full size, but we bet you’ll love it!

Lastly, Cargo bronzer is another cult favorite. It’s less easy to blend, so you’ll want to practice a little bit, but it is long lasting and on the lower end of the price scale. It is also a more natural looking color if you don’t wear a lot of makeup. Wondering how to apply your bronzer? Click here for an easy tutorial.