Runway Style for Spring: Inspiration


We are loving the fresh looks for Spring, and the way they translate to everyday wear, too! Here are our favorite looks for Spring 2018 right from the runway, and how you can wear them soon!

Dark Denim: Tom Ford Dark denim never really went out of style, but it’s back this year with clean lines, contrast stitching, and jeans free of distressing and holes. Lots of simple, structured pants found their way onto the runway, and you will be seeing similar styles from budget retailers like Forever 21 and H&M. Look for high rise, straight and simple cuts in solid denim washes. Pair them with seventies inspired blouses and sweaters.

Bold Florals: Erdem: Pretty florals are making us swoon, and several designers are exploring this classic style. The dress above from Erdem was a runway favorite, and has lots of bright colors and interesting design features. You can replicate this look by looking for pretty pastels and accenting them with bold, contrasting colors like red, black, and royal blue. The effect is pretty and exciting.

Lavender: Valentino and Michael Kors: Purple was having a major moment this year, with pretty hues ranging from almost-white to mid purples, but most were light purple like the one above. This look is pretty, especially when you can find the right hue for your skin tone. There were sweaters and fringe dresses, even ruffles in the purple colors, but you can wear this chic shade in everything from cardigans to skinny jeans. If you struggle with wearing pastels, try wearing it on the bottom half of your body, away from your face, or in shoes and accessories.

Plaid: Ralph Lauren: Plaid was back, in menswear inspired styles. This can be made more youthful by wearing it in pencil skirts paired with fun heels, or in a trenchcoat or vest that you pair with an interesting, more casual top. You’ll most likely see plaid accent pieces and accessories, too, which will make it more affordable to try out!


What to Wear for Winter


Winter can be challenging to dress for, given the falling temperatures and the need to layer up! Sometimes I struggle with figuring out how to be warm, and also stay stylish, but I’ve been finding the cutest things at Nordstrom lately! Here are some of my winter picks, that will keep you cozy and looking fabulous!

These purple sneakers are one of my new favorites, from Steve

Madden brand. They are under $100, and they look amazing with leggings and jeans. The low platform sole looks great, but also keeps you dry from puddles and mud and wipes clean .I love the fun laces and the beautiful, unique color. I also love the classic combo of a graphic tee and a cardigan…it is an easygoing, simple look that is suitable for everything from school to a casual brunch or

dinner. Pair it with a black cardigan like the one I’ve shown here and make it a maxi cardigan to give it a dressier feel. For work or something more dressy, you can swap out jeans and a tee for a sheath dress in black or charcoal grey. And lastly, I have an athleisure piece that I love, these moto leggings from Zella are beautiful and comfortable. They have a high waist that smooths and shapes, and the cute mesh cutout that looks chic with a pullover or a tee.

With just these four pieces, you can improve your winter wear and still look fashionable. Plus, these pieces are staples that can be mixed in with your spring clothing favorites, to really stretch your wardrobe and your budget. I’d also pair the purple sneakers with the grey leggings for an extra cute look!

Stay tuned to our blog for the latest fashion choices and best deals, as we find them!

Three Ways to Achieve Your New Year’s Goals


When the new year rolls around, usually people make lots of resolutions. It can be hard to keep those resolutions, whether you are wanting to be healthier, have more time, or maybe read a few more books. I always enjoy making new goals and milestones for my own business and my personal life, but a few weeks in, I can feel my resolve weakening! I have discovered that I need a few things to help keep me on track with my new year’s resolutions, and here they are:

-An accountability partner: I definitely love having friends that can help me keep my resolutions, and it helps me to be accountable to someone. If I can find someone who has a similar goal (like eating healthily, or reading more), we can agree to check in with each other. Sometimes, a friend can text or email me every week to make sure I am holding up my end of the goal or agreement, and that definitely helps keep me on the path to success. 

-A planner: A paper or digital planner helps me see visually my goals for my business and my life. I have found that lists and schedules keep things running smoothly, and also help me see progress by checking things off my list or crossing them out of my planner. I also can use my smartphone to set reminders or notifications that are pretty hard to ignore!

-A positive mindset: Maybe one of the things that are hardest to change…our mindset! I feel like no matter how much of the tangible help I set up for myself, I am not going to achieve my goals if I don’t change my mindset. I try to put motivational quotes and ideas around my house with little Post-its and it really helps me stay focused and reduce my stress. Some ideas for things you can write on the post-its would be scriptures, quotes, or affirmations that you can look at throughout the day on your dashboard or bathroom mirror!

Four things to be thankful for this year!


Here at Janice Freeland Photography, we love the holiday season! I am always reminded of the things I am thankful for, as the year draws to an end. I love making lists of blessings, because it is a tangible way to remember things, and something I can look back on when times are hard. Here are just some of the things that topped my list this year:

  1. My family and friends: My loved ones mean a lot to me, and I always cherish this time of year when festivities and events bring us together more often. They are the ones I lean on every day, and I enjoy spoiling them, as well as spending time doing fun things with them!
  2. My business: I always feel so lucky when I think of every client I am blessed to work with! I enjoy meeting new people and reconnecting with old ones, and my field of work is the perfect way to do so. It also keeps me inspired and creative!
  3. My health: We all have bumps in the road, but during this time of year, I am reminded of those battling serious illnesses and cancer. I always want to do my part to support our family and friends who have been dealing with real health struggles!
  4. Home and food: There are so many Americans who struggle with hunger, and I know that not every meal is guaranteed for families who are low-income or dealing with financial problems. I always encourage my clients (and my family) to reach out to our community and see how we can help, by volunteering our time to charitable causes.

It was a great year here at JFP, and I am thankful every day for YOU! Thank you for being part of the JFP family.

Saul Family Holiday Cards Session | Augusta Family Photographer


It would be hard to find a more photogenic family than the Sauls! They are all beautiful, and just as lovely on the inside. They asked me to do their photos for their upcoming holiday card (I think they will really wow their friends and family with these shots), and they came out so perfectly. Here are a few reasons to hire a professional for your family portrait:

-A professional knows how to pose, style, and work with multiple family members: You will receive expert help with where to stand, how to group family members, and what to wear. I also help with locations, and ideas!

-A professional portrait will place you in your best light: When sending holiday cards or announcements, you want to look and feel your very best! A professional photographer knows how to edit, shoot, and perfect your images so that no matter which one you choose, you look and feel amazing!

-A professional can answer your questions: Family photos can be stressful and overwhelming, but a pro will really know their stuff! I pride myself on being able to field just about any question, and I love being there for you from start to finish.