Featured Session | Hannah | Augusta, GA Senior Photographer


Hannah was the sweetest girl to work with! As a senior photographer, we meet all kinds of wonderful personalities, but it’s particularly sweet when a girl is great to work with and possesses maturity and poise beyond her years. Hannah attends Aquinas High School, and is part of the graduating class of 2017. She is both an athlete and stellar student, participating in a wide range of activities like basketball (she is the captain of the Varsity squad), student council, SADD, and the National Honor Society. Hannah is also active in her youth group, and enjoys playing piano, babysitting, and being with her friends when she has spare time. Her many friends would likely describe her as honest, caring and dependable. One of her biggest accomplishments has been earning the Christian Service Award freshmen and sophomore years, and the Summa Award (top ten in my class) freshmen and sophomore years, which really speaks to her character and hard work.

As far as personal style, Hannah says her style is definitely more modest and traditional, and that she loves shoes! For her session, we did a very classic and timeless look, and found a beautiful location that mirrored the vision she had for her session. The sweet little playhouse in these images is actually her childhood playhouse, which was something she was hoping to incorporate, and it was really nice to be able to add that in. Thank you, Hannah, for allowing me to be your senior photographer! You are a lovely young woman with a bright future ahead!

Featured Session | Zee | Augusta, GA Senior Photographer

What 2 Wear Wednesday | Unique Sweaters

Unique sweaters can be a substantial part of your wardrobe, even in the summer months! A statement sweater can be a fun way to follow a trend without investing in a ton of different pieces. Stars and other graphics are making a comeback with the nineties vibes that are so prevalent right now. A sweater with a playful picture like this one from Forever  21 looks great with everything from jeans to overalls. And a varsity style sweater jacket (we love this affordable one, and it’s under $20!) looks perfect layered over tees and black skinnies for an effortlessly cool outfit.
Ruffles and sleeves with details are also having a fashion moment, with more of an eighties style. This easy ruffled option from Nordstrom is by TOPSHOP and is more expensive than Forever 21, but still under $100, and will last much longer. It’s also grey, which is more of a neutral tone. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try this vintage re-sell online shop which has gently used sweaters that will also be more unique AND it’s a sustainable way to be fashionable! Win-win for everyone!
sweater and sweatshirt by nanawidia on polyvore.com

Featured Session | Alysha | Augusta, GA Senior Photographer


I admit, when a senior claims they are not photogenic, or that they don’t love having their photos done, I always secretly am soooo excited to show them otherwise! I believe every senior is beautiful and deserves to have their hearts and personalities shine! Alysha was absolutely gorgeous, and was about as photogenic as could be! This beautiful senior is graduating from Aquinas High School, and is part of the Class of 2017. She says some of her best traits include being highly motivated, passionate, and honest, and she plans to attend the University of Georgia upon her graduation.

Although she wears a uniform to school, she loves fashion trends that make her feel pretty and feminine, and says that her personal style is very girly (she loves dresses and heels, though boots and jeans are her typical winter attire). Alysha heard about my senior photography through another senior rep, and she chose me as her senior photographer because, “I love how you photograph each person in a unique way and everyone looks great in all of your photos. I also love the backgrounds, and how each girl looks so unique and great!” For her session, she wore a mix of boho and feminine styles, and I loved her light blue, cold shoulder top, especially paired with her chevron necklace! We had a ton of fun finding these rustic, outdoor locations to complement her style, and I hope these images show her how truly beautiful she is!

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What 2 Wear | Chokers

Chokers are not just stuck in the nineties anymore! In fact, you may have seen them on some of the most prominent fashion bloggers around. They’re making a comeback, in the biggest way. Even if you’re not a real edgy fashionista, anyone can incorporate the simple choker accessory into their wardrobe. A simple, thin black choker can elevate a number of outfits, including skinny jeans and cardigans, and something a little fancier (think bows, or laces) can amp up a velvet minidress for a real nineties vibe.
Forever 21 has a ton of these inexpensive chokers for sale, at prices that are so low, you’ll be able to afford one for every outfit you own! We love this lace up, black choker that’s under $10 for the girl who loves her moto jacket and heels, and dainty, double chevron gold set for the more feminine dresser.
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Featured Session | Zee | Augusta, GA Senior Photographer


I absolutely love the way this entire session came out…Zee is a senior at Lakeside High School, and graduating in the Class of 2017. She currently works with the Lakeside Support Coalition at her school, and is involved with DECA. In her free time, she enjoys being part of the Love Unlimited Choir, spinning, and babysitting. She also loves being with her fiends, running, and shopping at places like Free People and Nordstrom. “My friends would probably describe me as bold, caring, and funny”, she explained, “My friends and grandmother inspire me the most because they have taught me to not care about what others think, to live my life how I want to live it, and not to waste all my time dwelling on others. life is short, so go live it!” Zee was really excited about senior year, and the new opportunities and things that come with it. She shared that she was looking forward to spending this last year of high school with her closest friends.

One of her biggest accomplishments was completing three years of fashion marketing classes, and she hopes to continue down that pathway. Zee wanted a very unique, urban senior session, so I tried to give her a little bit of everything. We did lots of different outdoor locations, and tried to channel her love of Free People stylings. I had a great time working with her, and hope you love her senior session as much as I do!