Three Ways to Achieve Your New Year’s Goals


When the new year rolls around, usually people make lots of resolutions. It can be hard to keep those resolutions, whether you are wanting to be healthier, have more time, or maybe read a few more books. I always enjoy making new goals and milestones for my own business and my personal life, but a few weeks in, I can feel my resolve weakening! I have discovered that I need a few things to help keep me on track with my new year’s resolutions, and here they are:

-An accountability partner: I definitely love having friends that can help me keep my resolutions, and it helps me to be accountable to someone. If I can find someone who has a similar goal (like eating healthily, or reading more), we can agree to check in with each other. Sometimes, a friend can text or email me every week to make sure I am holding up my end of the goal or agreement, and that definitely helps keep me on the path to success. 

-A planner: A paper or digital planner helps me see visually my goals for my business and my life. I have found that lists and schedules keep things running smoothly, and also help me see progress by checking things off my list or crossing them out of my planner. I also can use my smartphone to set reminders or notifications that are pretty hard to ignore!

-A positive mindset: Maybe one of the things that are hardest to change…our mindset! I feel like no matter how much of the tangible help I set up for myself, I am not going to achieve my goals if I don’t change my mindset. I try to put motivational quotes and ideas around my house with little Post-its and it really helps me stay focused and reduce my stress. Some ideas for things you can write on the post-its would be scriptures, quotes, or affirmations that you can look at throughout the day on your dashboard or bathroom mirror!

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