Four things to be thankful for this year!


Here at Janice Freeland Photography, we love the holiday season! I am always reminded of the things I am thankful for, as the year draws to an end. I love making lists of blessings, because it is a tangible way to remember things, and something I can look back on when times are hard. Here are just some of the things that topped my list this year:

  1. My family and friends: My loved ones mean a lot to me, and I always cherish this time of year when festivities and events bring us together more often. They are the ones I lean on every day, and I enjoy spoiling them, as well as spending time doing fun things with them!
  2. My business: I always feel so lucky when I think of every client I am blessed to work with! I enjoy meeting new people and reconnecting with old ones, and my field of work is the perfect way to do so. It also keeps me inspired and creative!
  3. My health: We all have bumps in the road, but during this time of year, I am reminded of those battling serious illnesses and cancer. I always want to do my part to support our family and friends who have been dealing with real health struggles!
  4. Home and food: There are so many Americans who struggle with hunger, and I know that not every meal is guaranteed for families who are low-income or dealing with financial problems. I always encourage my clients (and my family) to reach out to our community and see how we can help, by volunteering our time to charitable causes.

It was a great year here at JFP, and I am thankful every day for YOU! Thank you for being part of the JFP family.

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