Excursion Vests: Your Winter Best Friend!


It’s 7:30 in the morning. The sun rays flooding through your window have finally crept up the floor to your eyes, and the light beats against your eyelids until you finally decide to open them up. It’s a new morning! You sit up in bed, and all of a sudden you feel it rush upon you, crawling up your spine and spreading out to your goose-pimply arms: the icy morning air! Your blankets wrap themselves around you to save you from the chill, and you wonder why you’d ever leave their warm embrace.

So often I go through this morning routine, but responsibility calls me out of my warm bed every time. I try to make the exchange of pj’s for regular clothes as short as possible, and nothing makes braving the cool outdoors easy like my excursion vest does. It’s my favorite armor for the brisk weather: it’s lightweight and slim enough to cover virtually any outfit, but thick enough to keep out the bitterest of colds.

image: jcrew

Its down insides compliment its quilted outsides, making it into a statement as much as a useful tool as winter approaches. It comes in tons of different styles, and you’ll see new fall and winter colors and textures popping up on all of your friends when they set their sights on these vests. You could try the classic solid, quilted look, or spice it up with some corduroy highlights for a winter themed style. You can experiment with what you wear under it, too, layering complimentary patterns to add more interest.

All in all, your best friend in fighting frost with fashion is your excursion vest, and you can find them just about anyplace! Click HERE to start with a great style from JCrew, and follow it all the way to your favorite pick.

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