What to Wear When it’s Cold Outside


Chilly air that cuts your skin to the bone, falling autumn-colored leaves, and for some of us, a dusting of snow. When fall shows up, it can hit pretty hard. But hey, we’re prepared for the blow, with our wool sweaters and our long johns, right? Maybe you were so caught up in the glorious warmth of summer that you forgot all about the impending cool seasons. Fear not! I’ve got you covered, from head to toe:

Alright, so I know what you’re thinking. Don’t all the girls just wear a beanie, and call it good? While there are a number – a very large number – of cute beanies, they’ve been around forever, and when they’re overused they can become a stale staple of winter attire. Instead, might I suggest some other options: the elegant, retro cloche hat is a wonderful choice, and so is the beret. You can find winter variations for both of these! Another, more rare option is the Greek fisherman’s hat. Not just for the men, this cap goes well with the cold, and it’s full of style.

•Jackets and Sweaters (and more)
Part of the beauty of the cold seasons is the sea of wool that we wear to embrace the winter spirit. There’s so many sweaters, scarves, jackets, coats, and turtlenecks out there, it’s hard to choose just one to get for the season. This is one of those perfect opportunities where you can make your own fashion. If your personality is more flowy and fun-loving, a loose sweater would go great with it. On the flip-side, if you have a more rigid, logical perspective on life, then a traditional, no-nonsense look might be best. Make it your own!

•Pants and Leggings
When it comes to your legs, the guiding principles in fall and winter would be warmth, and color. There comes a point when you can only do so much with pants or leggings, and their style comes from your overall palette and look. This is where you can really have fun with it: complete your fall look with an autumn palette, blend in with the winter wonderland with white pants and a colorful coat, or if you’re brave (and warm-blooded), you can go for the cute legging/long, baggy sweater combo. Wrap yourself in your own personal style.

•Shoes and Boots
Like everything else, there’s a lot of options, but here’s where practicality meets high fashion. When the weather gets chilly, it also gets wet, and boots really come in handy walking through puddles! Depending on how wet you wanna get, there’s three great styles: booties, tall boots, and over-the-knees. Each has a different look for a different occasion, and when things aren’t that bad out there, which is an occasion in itself, you might go with some cute flats, a pair of mules, or if you’re feeling fancy, some festive heels. You might just want to listen to the weatherman before you decide!

There you go, those are some ideas to build your seasonal outfit from top to bottom. Stay warm and wonderful out there!

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