Five Must Have Items for Summer


Alright, so summer is here, in all its glorious heat. Whether you’re the kind of person who loves the sun, or who’d rather stay out of it, I think we can all agree on summer being full of fun things! And for us ladies, this means we need a few things to fully appreciate the summer, in all its glory. Here’s five of them:

•A Cute Swimsuit 

The best way to beat the heat is to get into the water. When the thermometer hits the triple digits, all I want to do is go swimming. And I want to do that in style! There’s a suit for each of us, regardless of how we view ourselves. It can be a solid color one-piece, a cute two-piece to show off all your hard work during the spring, or maybe somewhere in between! There’s a ton of them to choose from, so choose one that really represents yourself. That’s one of the points of fashion anyways, to show yourself off!

•A Gym Membership

The verdict is in: being healthy makes you happy. With summer harvest being in full swing, there’s plenty of fruits and vegetables to make us joyful for a long time. Paired with eating right, working out is a must for maintaining an active lifestyle. While for some the thought of working out doesn’t make us anywhere near happy, the goal of being able to get into that knock-out of a bathing suit is enough to keep us going. So, that gym membership comes in handy, making it as easy as driving (or walking!) there and back to get that workout in. 

•A New Hairstyle

In this heat, having real long, unruly hair can be torture. Just like the windy months, it can be a pain having hair past your shoulders. If you’re into it, shorter hair for women is becoming quite the trend, and styles from the past are becoming more and more popular. The 20’s are coming back! For those of us who don’t want to say goodbye to our long locks, get a cut that makes it easy for you to put your hair up. There’s so many different ways to do that, from bobs to braids, and each makes it easier to manage the heat. Besides, a new haircut can make you feel more confident, and a cut paired with your personal style is a bombshell that you drop everywhere you go.

•A New Outfit

Fashion changes with the seasons. Fall has more autumn tones, winter is all about warmth, spring shows off our pastels, and summer is all about loose and flowy outfits. While there’s no strict rule for what you must wear for each season, it’s practical to gird yourself in clothes that let the cool breeze flow through. A cute sun dress will do just that, and there are so many different style to choose from! Plus, there’s a plethora of flowy tops at all your favorite shops, and with our busy lifestyles, you can find what you want in just a few minutes. All that’s left to do is get your girlfriends together and get out on the town!

•A Good Book

If you’re anything like me, your life consists of go, go, go. So often we forget we need rest, and we need it now. You can come up with any excuse you’d like, that you have to hurry over there, get this done, prep for the next day, but none of those will give you the quiet time you need. Block out time in your life for moments where you are just simply still. A good book will allow you that quiet time, without the guilt of laziness. Read about a subject you’re interested in, whether that’s romance, poetry, philosophy, theology, or short stories. There’s a book for every subject, and it’s waiting for you! Treat yourself to those times of rest you deserve.

There you go, five must haves for summertime. I hope you have a happy season full of fun and sun!

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