Xena the Warrior Princess | An Adoption Story


In May, I was taking photographs at the annual Woodstock Dog and Cat Festival. At this time, my dog was very lonely for a friend, as we had recently lost a pet. A volunteer brought Blossom to meet me, and said she needed a home, and I thought, “Why not”? She needed a home, and I really needed her, as it turns out.

We were a little anxious about adopting a Pit-Cross breed, but Blossom (who we named Xena), is the sweetest, most loving dog. I am very passionate about rescuing and re-homing unwanted pets, and hope that if you’re considering pet adoption, that you’d think about a rescue animal. I did an interview recently with FOTAS in Aiken County, and said, “Don’t just walk by the dogs with the square heads and long tongues, the dogs who look beat up and used, the dogs who many not present well in the kennel. All they need is a little love, security and care to blossom into a blessing. Give them a chance, and they will give you a lifetime of love and devotion.” I help coordinate Polo under the Stars each year in October to benefit the organization, and you can find out more HERE.

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