Healthy Hair Tips for your Senior Session | Anne Claire’s Senior Session


This gorgeous girl is one of my recent senior clients, and she has the most beautiful hair! Anne Claire had the sweetest personality and kindest heart. I loved meeting her and getting to do this outdoor, on-location shoot to celebrate her monumental senior year. I wanted to talk a little bit about healthy hair today, too!  There are a few things you can be doing to get your hair prepped for senior photos, and you can start doing them weeks or even months in advance with just a little bit of planning:

  1. Use salon quality products: Shampoo from walmart or the dollar store might be affordable but can cause lasting damage over time to hair! Ask your stylist what products will help get your mane in tip-top shape before your senior shoot.
  2. Try to minimize heat damage. When you can, let hair air-dry, and use braids or heat free styling to keep moisture in. Add styling oil from Bumble and Bumble to keep hair free of frizz after air drying.
  3. Eat healthy and add supplements: Biotin, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and healthy food can help your hair grow faster and stronger. Adding plenty of drinking water to your daily regimen will also keep your body, skin, and hair beautiful for senior photos.
  4. Get trims and regular appointments for your hair: Keeping ends trimmed and clean prevents future damage to your hair.

Hope these hair tips helped as you begin planning your senior session! I’d love to offer tips when you schedule your shoot, you can contact me HERE!

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